Saturday, May 29, 2021

New Cattle For Sale

 Our fall-born bull calves are now 6 months old, and they are looking great! Whether you are looking for a herd bull to add power or to add depth, we have exactly what you need. 

At $3000 apiece, you won't want to miss out on these future studs!

GLXY Resilience 003H

Sire:  BNWZ Data Bank 1311C
Dam: GLXY Aurora Borealis 703E
BW: 55 lbs. Unassisted
3/4 Maine Anjou - AMAA #521021

This calf has both the muscle and the low birth weight that so many are looking for in a double clean bull.
GLXY Endeavour 004H

Sire:   BPF Kingmaker 162C
Dam: GLXY Venus 701E
BW: 65 lbs. Unassisted
PB Maine Anjou - AMAA #521022

Softer made than his counterpart, Endeavour has the depth and smooth edges that would bring out the best in any cow.

And in partnership with ZNT Cattle Co., we also have a standout Chi-Maine pair for sale! This cow is long-bodied, has a crazy clean neck, and has consistently produced great calves, as can be seen by the nice little bull calf at her side. Just born in late March, this calf has shown to be as tight necked and lengthy as his dam.

As a pair, they are being offered for $4500, or you can opt to buy the cow alone for $3000.

ZNT Torrey Pines 407B

Sire: SSUL I Da Ma 2313Z
Dam: JAZX Audrey352N
1/4 Maine Anjou - AMAA #459348
Registered Chianina - ACA #398058
Bred to I Deliver on 5/15/2021

GLXY Falcon Rey 100J

Sire:   BPF Kingmaker 162C
Dam: ZNT Torrey Pines 407B
BW: 90 lbs. Unassisted
5/8 Maine Anjou - AMAA #521023